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Coach Membership

  • Percents Magazine Subscription
  • General YouTube Support
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Choice of ANY one additional magazine subscription in your field (see MAGAZINES for examples) a $2.99/mo value FREE!
  • One monthly Video Course series of your choice
  • One custom graphics pack selection per month
  • One custom writing project per month
  • One E-book download of your choice per month
  • One Virtual Assistant Funnel BulletProofing task per month
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Guide Membership

  • All Features of Coach Plus:
  • Chat and Email Support
  • Specific YouTube Support
  • Choice of any three magazine subscriptions per month
  • Three Ebook downloads of your choice per month
  • Three Video Course/ webinars per month
  • Three custom graphic/ writing packs per month
  • Guide only special graphics, funnel, drip and other packages FREE and with Guide only coupons
  • Two VA Proofing tasks per month
  • One monthly custom funnel, blog or website review and recommendation
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Angel Membership

  • All Features of Guide and Coach Plus:
  • Custom YouTube Support
  • Chat, Email and Phone Coaching Support
  • Your own custom magazine or newsletter design
  • Unlimited Magazine and Ebook downloads
  • Angel only graphics and writing packs each month to turbocharge your courses and funnels
  • Unlimited Video and Webinar Courses as they are launched
  • One VA Proofing task per week
  • One weekly custom funnel, blog or website review and recommendation
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