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"Stunning VIDEOS and MOTION GRAPHICS are powerful tools for today's successful Online Teachers, as well as Financial and Spiritual Success Coaches. We'll help you maximize your online course income with professional videos, gifs, animations and assets for your video lessons, shows, webinars, vlogs and marketing messages that will take your classes and message to the next, viral level." -- Tommy Halstead
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Crafty Life
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Success.School --Helping Teachers, Coaches, Creatives and Online Course Givers Achieve Viral Views and High Monthly Income with Stunning Animation, Video and Graphics

Have you considered offering Online Courses? Tommy Halstead, "The Viral Professor" AKA OldiePie, helps YouTubers, Teachers, CourseGivers and many others achieve high monthly income with VIRAL videos, graphics, messages and marketing automation!
FREE or REALLY CHEAP ebooks, webinars, funnel / email templates, live coaching and much more are turbocharging our
members success.  Preptorial is a US NonProfit Foundation supporting creatives and education.

Answers to a few Frequent Questions

Since you're a NonProfit, why don't you just give everything away?

We do! 90% of our products and services are FREE or way below cost, and only enough to pay the creators. The other 10% are labor intensive, like creating entire custom videos, but are STILL way below our cost! We are an all volunteer organization created by Tommy, and no one in management makes a penny, but we do spend hundreds of thousands a year in addition to FREE support and assets, with our members, who also are contributors to these tools! Preptorial (Tommy's Foundation) is GuideStar Listed, an Amazon Smile and Paypal Giving approved partner with details HERE.

I've been part of your Paralegal network for over 14 years and have done great working with you. But I bought Tommy's $15 Live Coaching Session (it was awesome to talk to him!) and he thinks I should move into his own love: Video Teaching.

That's the problem with Tommy's Live Coaching sessions, regardless of the level of your career, he's always pushing all of us to get into online teaching and video! But with our help, it's not as hard as it looks. First, you don't have to be a movie star! Best, with resources like PODIA and Preptorial's support, you can get started with low risk, low investment toes in the water instead of spending $2,000 a month on ClickFunnels, Google Ads, and many more mistakes! Tommy failed in dozens of online ventures before becoming wealthy focusing on niche automation and video, and now his passion is giving something back to the creative and course community.

I recently spent as much as I could with you guys (almost $180) getting into the Domain Sale - Demo Funnel Site niche. I just got my first big sale! $5,000 on a two month hold costing me $54 in total! I'm grateful, for sure, but should I quit my job?

I reviewed your account and you need to spend $15 more -- on a live coaching session with Tommy. It's for a half hour theoretically, but we can't get him to stop going beyond his appointments because he is so fanatic about seeing our members succeed! He won't give you an answer to that question, you have to decide, but will show you a path that thousands of our other members have taken in that field. We've helped with over 12,000 transactions over the past 16 years that have resulted in sites generating 11 million unique visitors with domain / site flips of hundreds a month. We're working with Digital Ocean right now to offer our members their own auction sites, FREE. We have already done the same thing with forums, using Digital Ocean with Discourse, Joomla with Kunena and WordPress with BBPress to save members thousands a month in costs, and a terrible mistake in giving their member list control away to Slack or Facebook.

I am a Member and LOVE my VA! Do you also offer VA services independent of our membership benefits?

YES! We own and operate TaskFamily, a leading VA service, and integrate their services here at low cost or free for our VideoTu customers and members. Just email us at the bottom of this page for details!

I read a lot of your testimonials. Are these programs, even though they are free, get-rich-quick in nature?

"Rich Quick" programs show a single good (probably fluke) month, and act like it's typical! Our programs, and members, work really hard, and we help them succeed at many levels. A few have made millions with viral videos, others are happy raising their blogs from a couple thousand a month to 10 to 15 thousand, and many are just getting to breakeven at a few thousand a month -- it's the "next step" we support, regardless of the level. WE SHOW MONTHLY FINANCIALS and ANNUAL results in all our materials, these are LONG TERM SUCCESS programs that take a TON of BLOOD, SWEAT and TEARS but (Gratefully!) also pay off both financially and spiritually! The process is BUILD - GROW - AUTOMATE - SCALE - RETAIN, in a nutshell! Tommy WASTED $150,000 a month on Google long tail niches before discovering they really work, but NOT via Google content ads!

Contact us with any other questions, Tommy answers all emails addressed to him personally!

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Can every CourseGiver make over $100,000 a month?

From Tommy's FREE 100k a month Webinar: "A great Musician can play; a Musician-Teacher can create great online courses; but to make significant online income with those courses, you HAVE TO understand Finance and Funnel ratios." The pictures on the left and below are actual Ks from our online tech courses (Python for Marketing Automation and Course-Niche Domain sales). Our best-selling magazine, Percents, FREE at every membership level, shows how 5th grade ratios are all you need to understand ratio Marketing, Funnels and Finance, the missing links in 80% of businesses that fail!
Tommy's FREE High Online Income Guide

Average $15,000 a month with a $300 investment and an occasional $10,000 Bonus...

How? Domain / Site Flip Course Sales!
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